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Football Pool - Play Football Squares Online

It's the traditional football squares game - only better! Host a game for only $5 - with unlimited players Your football square pool is totally online. Set up your teams and game rules; Email your friends directly from the game manager; Players can pick their squares online - no more paper; Find out more! Save the planet... Host your football pool online!

Football Squares | Play Football Squares Online

100% Online. Forget passing around a piece of paper, or trying to share a spreadsheet. Run your Squares online. Rules Customization. We let you set your own Rules, so no matter what variation you and your friends like to use, the software can accommodate it.

Football Squares App – Free Squares Setup Online

How it Works. Enter teams and players. You enter the names of two teams and between 1 and 100 players. Randomly populate squares. Click the “+” symbol and our app randomly distributes the players on a 100 square grid. If you have 4 players, each player will have 25 squares. Squares will be marked “N/A” if an even distribution cannot ...

Host NFL Squares Pools | Run Your Pool - Run your Football ...

Your pool can contain multiple grids. A "grid" is a 10 by 10 set of squares. The total cost to run an NFL Squares pool for up to 100 members is $9.95 PER GRID, but after you pay for 7, the grids are on us. That's right, once you pay for 7 grids you can create additional grids at no charge (some restrictions apply*).

DraftKings Super Bowl Squares Contest 2021: Play For $55,000 ...

All entrants with the winning square will share the prize pool for that quarter. All prizes will be added to your DraftKings account. Here’s the breakdown of the payouts: First quarter: $8,250; Halftime: $16,500; Third quarter: $8,250; Final score: $22,000; Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook today and select your square for the FREE Super Bowl 55 contest!

Super Bowl Squares Online for Money | Sports Betting Pool Squares

Players can buy an unlimited number of squares per grid. Once a game has started, the square will move to the end of the list and will be visible for 24 hours. To view your square please choose the game with the selected dollar amount. Then simply click on the drop down arrow and the grid number to find your squares.

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While the following are examples of some favorite fundraising pools we host, really any of our Pool Types can be used to help raise money for your cause. Squares Pools. Also known as Grid pools, Box pools, or Block pools, pool members reserve "squares" in a 10x10 grid.

EZ Football Pool App

The pool is created for you and hosted on the E-Z-Football Pool website. A link to the page is sent to you. You invite people to play by sending the link to them. Players Enter Initials. Players point and click the squares they want to enter their initials. The pool is hosted on a dynamic web page so many people can choose squares at the same time.

Football Squares Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Definitely. A lot of our Admins use Football Squares to help generate money for charity, sports teams, organization, etc. Since you can edit the Rules for your grids, you can define whatever payout structure that matches your needs.