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Thanks Hexing Group Cooperation Again! 2020-11-03

Thanks Hexing Group cooperation again and congratulation Rongda Group purchased our Guangzhou andar game & Japan Shinko Sα-925 fixed full servo five colors flexo printer slotter die-cutter and inline folder gluer machine. As a professional folder gluer machine manufacturer, Guangzhou andar game & Japan Shinko Super Alpha FFG helps you achieve carton intelligence production easily!

Rongda Packaging new purchased our shinko inline FFG and almost complete the debugging work during National Day last month, for the time being, it is entering the trial production stage. It’s the second FFG after Mitsubishi FFG in Rongda Packaging factory. The new production line will enable Rongda Packaging to add about 200,000 cartons per day, which improves the production efficiency greatly and reduce production energy consumption, marks Rongda Packaging’s productivity steps a new level again!

Dedicated in corrugated carton printing for more than 20 years, we have enough confidence to offer you satisfactory service! Welcome to contact us: kl@keshenglong.com.cn

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