Homebrew iPhone App Lets You Reward Sparky From Afar [Homebrew]

Wonder what your pets are doing when you're not home? Here's a simple homebrew iPhone app that'll allow you to spy on your dog, and shower him with treats, no matter where you are!

With a CD-R spindle, some cardboard and wood scraps, a giant syringe, a webcam, and some glue, Stephen Myer created the body of a doggy-treat dispenser. He then used ioBridge's beta hardware—which included a pre-made servo smart board and a fill-in-the-blank type web interface—that created a widget and javascript for him.

After pasting the javascript into his iPhone, Myer also embedded streaming feed from a webcam on his dog's kennel, so that he would be able to see what his dog is up to when it thinks no one is watching. If Sparky is being a good boy, Myer could press a button that will give Sparky a treat! However, if Sparky is misbehaving, I have to wonder if this application can get the dispenser to smack Sparky with a broom. Although this application is not for purchase, Myer's blog has step-by-step instructions on how to turn your iPhone into your very own dogwatcher. [Cygnet via TUAW]

Facebook delays plan to let employees sell stock

Economic downturn forces CEO Mark Zuckerberg to indefinitely postpone plan that would have let vested employees partially cash out without taking the company public.

Most People Just Not That Into Blu-Ray

Looks like even though consumers can get a Blu-ray player for less than $200 this holiday season, most of them probably won’t upgrade from their DVD players.  Reasons include the high cost of Blu-ray discs and upgrading to an HD television, which is the only thing that makes getting a Blu-ray player worth it.  Still, [...]

More Netbooks Shipping With Vista? Save Us.

A product labeled the NC11 is showing up on a few pages of Samsung’s Korean website. There aren’t many differences between it and the NC10 in terms of drivers and specifications, but apparently you can get it with Windows XP or Vista. TGDaily is reporting that the new 10″ Acer Aspire one will come with Vista, [...]

Truth in Advertising: Apple Sued Over iPhone Claims

William Gillis, a 70-year-old San Diego resident, has filed suit against Apple for false advertisement of the iPhone 3G.  He specifically cites the “twice as fast for half the price” ad as a huge lie, because the network speeds are “grindingly slow”.  Apple, of course, is fighting back. Several blogs have pointed out a paragraph in [...]

Coby to be Latest Netbook Newbie with > $100 PC

Coby has long been the baron of bottom-barrel electronics. Their DVD players, TVs, and media players have filled their own enclave at discount stores for years, so it’s no surprise that this champion of cheap has now set its sights on breaking into the netbook market with machines that may out-minisize the competition. Updated: We should [...]


MSI announced today that they’re expanding their entertainment notebooks with the release of the EX300.  Specs include: Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor P7350 Intel® PM45 + ICH9-M Express Chipset ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD3450 graphic card DDR3 256MB VRAM 4GB RAM 250GB HDD 13.3 inch widescreen display 802.11 a/g/n Wi-Fi Bluetooth V2.0+EDR 8-cell battery The lightweight alloy cases come in red or blue and the notebooks will [...]

Get the Peek for $50 Today

In our guide to the best gifts for Grandparents we mentioned the Peek, a non-phone that allows you to check e-mail for $19.95/month.  Yes, just e-mail.  Well, technically email and texting and the ability to see image attachments.  It’s fine for someone who doesn’t need a full-blown smartphone or the data usage charge that comes [...]

Daily Distraction: Super Obama World

Sometimes we get a little restless. Between scouting out new netbooks and searching the Web for the best deals, we here at LAPTOP need a break. Today, we found Super Obama World. Set in Alaska with an occasional view of Russia, this game features Barack Obama in the role of the famous plumber and replaces Goomba [...]

MP3 Player News That Makes No Sense

A couple of strange MP3 items today: Barack Obama has a Zune. A Zune?  The future leader of our country doesn’t even have an iPod?  I, like the folks at Gizmodo, am stunned.  Especially since he famously uses a Mac.  Also, Zune?  Even I, a huge snob who shuns iPod for Creative Zen, can’t help but [...]