SearchCap: The Day In Search, June 16, 2008

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Yahoo-Google Deal: Shrewd Move Or Screw Up?
    When the highly anticipated Yahoo-Google paid search deal was announced on Thursday the fallout and speculation began immediately: would it help Yahoo or was it an act of capitulation to Google? Coming as it did with the formal end of talks with Microsoft, was it a betrayal of Yahoo shareholders?...
  • Google Local Business Center Undergoes Redesign
    The Google Local Business Center is undergoing a redesign from within, as Mike Blumenthal reports. The main differences that I see are on the add and edit listing screens. The add listing screen seems to have consolidated much of the information retrieval process onto less screens. You can see a...
  • Yahoo's Google & Microsoft Deals, Side-By-Side
    I was off most of Friday when the Google-Yahoo deal was announced -- and then details of Microsoft's last proposal to Yahoo also came out. Today was catch-up, and I wanted to put the deals next to each other in chart form. Google-Yahoo doesn't seem as bad as some...

Search News From Around The Web:

Applications & Portal Features

  • Firefox 3: Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support,
  • Google preps net neut dowser, The Register
  • Google To Develop ISP Throttling Detector, HotHardware

Business Issues

  • Analysts don't rule out a Microsoft-Yahoo deal just yet,
  • Icahn says Yahoo-Google ad deal has merit,
  • Will 2008 Be Google's End Of Innocence?, TechCrunch
  • Yahoo: 'Everything But The Kitchen Sink' Approach Not Paying Dividends, Read/Write Web

Local, Maps & Mobile

  • Double Chicago Building Error in Google Earth, Google Earth Blog
  • Better Terrain Representation in Google Maps, Google Operating System
  • Google Maps Local Business Center Upgrade: Bulk Upload MIA, Mike Blumenthal
  • Unused "white space" spectrum and wireless microphones, Google Public Policy Blog

Link Building

  • The Importance of Internal Linking, and How to Do it Right, Search Engine Guide
  • 5 FireFox Extentions To Explore Backlinks, Search Engine Journal
  • Matt Cutts and Eric Enge Discuss Link Building, Stone Temple
  • The Quizzical Duality of Paid Links, SEOmoz

Paid Search & Contextual

  • Getting started with adCenter: creating campaigns - adCenter Advertiser,
  • Bounce Rate: Your Single, Most Important Metric Re: PPC ,
  • By 2009 Will PPC = AdWords? As Keywords , SEO Book
  • Is Google Hiding Cost Data From Placement Performance Reports?, SEM Geek
  • Plotting the Effects of your PPC Changes, Site Visibility
  • Speaking the language of small businesses, Inside AdSense


  • Technorati Confirms New Financing; New Business Focus Coming, TechCrunch
  • Kigose - the Citation Search Engine,
  • Google Toolbar Available for Firefox 3, Google Blogoscoped
  • Indeed Job Search Launching Job Analytics for Employers, Search Engine Journal
  • adds related products,

SEM Industry

  • Apologies For Having Been An Asshole, Danny Sullivan
  • SEO, ASA and the spectre of legislation, SEOptimise
  • Why Google's Matt Cutts Reminds Me of My Older Brother, Adam, Barry Schwartz


  • The 3 Trust Factors of Web Sites and Their Design,
  • Don't Know What You've Got Til Its Gone: SEOs and Rank Checking Software, Search Marketing Sage
  • Google Sitemap Meta Data, beu blog
  • Google Sitemaps: Are They Really Important for SEO?, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Google Webmaster Tools To Fix Verification "Bug" with Google Sites, Search Engine Roundtable
  • How a Search Engine Might Use a Searcher's Knowledge, Interests, and Education to Rerank and Validate Search Results, SEO By The Sea
  • Keyword Best Practices: Part II of the Seven Habits of Highly Successful Search Engine Marketing, Search Marketing Standard
  • MVC Site Architecture: Handle With Care (Thoughts From SMX Advanced), SEMpdx Blog
  • Paid Content - A Dying Business Model?, Andy Beard
  • SEO is Less About One/Two Word Keywords & More About Longer Tail Keywords, Search Engine Roundtable

Social Media

  • Congratulations, Twitterrific, Twitter Blog
  • Twellow People Search for Twitter by iEntry, Reality SEO
  • Definitive Guide to Fark and Getting Mass Traffic, ViperChill

Video, Music & Image Search

  • If it can't find a solution, Google should kill YouTube,
  • Microsoft to Use YuMe to Place Ads in Videos, Wall Street Journal

Other Items

  • Jeff Dean on Google infrastructure, Geeking with Greg
  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: June 15, 2008 :: Father's Day, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Father's Day '08 Logos from Google, Yahoo,, Dogpile , Search Engine Roundtable
  • Charlie Rose Interviews Vint Cerf at Opening Session, Infotoday Blog
  • Making Room for our New Addition, Yahoo Search Blog

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