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June 21, 2008

This Week’s Top Downloads [Download Roundup]

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  • RUBotted Checks Your Computer for Zombie Bots (Windows)
    "Freeware application RUBotted monitors your computer for the presence of malware zombie bots and alerts you of any suspicious activity."
  • Remove Empty Directories Does What It Says (Windows)
    "Free, open-source application Remove Empty Directories, aka RED, scans any folder you point it to for empty or partially empty folders and helps you remove them."
  • CleanAfterMe Removes Your Tracks on Other Computers (Windows)
    "The single-file application, which easily runs from a USB drive, provides an all-in-one interface for wiping out all the records of your work or play, including registry files, "Recent Documents" lists in the Start menu and elsewhere, clipboard memory, and much more."
  • Sxipper Automatically Fills in Web Forms (Firefox)
    "Firefox extension Sxipper automates your web logins and form filling through a simple, attractive interface."
  • XB Browser Provides Anonymous Web Browsing (Windows)
    "Freeware application xB Browser is a portable web browser that provides anonymous web surfing at startup."
  • FusionDesk Starter Manages Your Tasks with GTD Emphasis (Windows)
    "Freeware application FusionDesk Starter is a full-featured task management application with an emphasis on author David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology."
  • Read It Later Adds Firefox 3 Integration, Offline Reading (Firefox)
    "The add-on places a little red checkmark in the address bar for quick adding to a locally-saved list of reading links, but carries over the bookmarking star for easier sorting."
  • DiskAid Transfers Files Between Your Computer and iPhone (Mac and Windows)
    "Freeware application DiskAid enables iPhone and iPod touch owners to use their devices as an external hard drive."
  • Xoopit Transforms Your Gmail Inbox into a Multimedia Haven (Firefox)
    "Firefox extension Xoopit turns Gmail into a robust, searchable media management tool for every piece of media that comes through your inbox."
  • Quartz PDF Displays Inline PDFs in Firefox 3 (Firefox)
    "Firefox extension Quartz PDF enables inline viewing of PDFs in Firefox 3 for the Mac."
  • Wine 1.0 Runs Hundreds of Windows Apps Flawlessly (Linux)
    "Wine 1.0, the first stable release of the Windows API recreation tool, is available for most major Linux distributions."
  • DecaffeinatID Detects Hacking Attempts on Untrusted Networks (Windows)
    "Freeware application DecaffeinatID is a simple intrusion detection and alert system for your PC that monitors your Windows logs for suspicious behavior."
  • MultiFirefox Runs Firefox 2 and 3 Side by Side (Mac)
    "Run multiple versions of Firefox side by side and quickly switch between profiles with donationware application MultiFirefox."

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