Need Google Apps on Your Desktop? Try GMDesk.

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Microsoft has a way of dominating one’s desktop, given its operating system that resides on a number of computers around the world. Tie that in with its desktop applications for email, creating word documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and you see where I’m going here. Google, on the other hand, contends with Microsoft on a different level, veering away from the desktop domination in most regards, arguably focusing on its own core competencies (in a given quarter).

So what if you wanted Gmail on your desktop, sans browser? Or how about your Google Calendar, documents, or Google Reader? From a management perspective I wouldn’t mind a fully integrated desktop application for handling my documents, etc. though this would be more useful to me if Google Apps were better able to integrate with each other for shareable purposes.


Nevertheless, a new service called GMDesk, according to a report from Cybernet, leverages Adobe AIR to provide these Google Apps as desktop versions, with easy shortcut keys for toggling between the desktop and browser-based versions. In all, GMDesk supports Gmail, Google Calendar, Reader, Documents, Maps and Picasa through its service. Helpful for those that want immediate desktop access to their Google apps without having to open up a browser window.

Meanwhile, Google itself seems to be more focused on its Web-based and mobile efforts than rolling out desktop version for those apps that it hasn’t already created a desktop version. With more growth potential on a global scale available with an increased mobile presence, especially with Google Android and a majority of wireless providers on board for partnership deals, it looks like the mobile front is an ongoing point of effort for new offerings to consumers.

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