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A journey into ‘fab world’

The silicon factories where a speck of dust is a big problem

Future computing technologies

The computing technologies to go beyond Moore’s Law

Getting more from Moore’s Law

A look at some of the technologies that could allow the silicon industry to deliver faster, cheaper chips.

Meeting computing’s prophet

BBC News interviews Gordon Moore, the man whose “law” has driven the computer revolution.

Singapore’s economic boom widens income gap

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Carol John, 27, doesn’t own a bed. Every night she sleeps on thin mattresses which she shares with her three young children. Outside her one-room flat, a smell of sewage lingers in the common corridor.

Crate and Barrel’s CB2 chain takes Manhattan

NEW YORK (Reuters) - While the U.S. housing slowdown is crimping sales at numerous home furnishings retailers, it isn’t stopping Crate and Barrel from forging ahead with plans to expand its offshoot CB2 brand.