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June 9, 2008

SocialMedian Tweaks Site with New Beta Features [Invites]

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New. 3G. iPhone. It’s what was on everyone’s mind today as Apple shut down all their retail stores this morning to prepare for the release of the their latest gadget.

As coverage of the Worldwide Developers Conference progressed, millions of techies were eagerly pressed up against their computer screens. Meanwhile, I was busy interviewing Tom Green for Mashable Conversations and SocialMedian was preparing for their release of their M4.5, or milestone 4.5.

SocialMedian is a social news service site that connects people through a platform that keeps you up-to-date on the latest news that matters to you and to the people who share your interests. Since we reviewed the site fairly recently, I will cut to the chase: SocialMedian filters news for you, breaks stories down into different News Networks and suggests what you should pay attention to on any given day.

In my opinion, at the moment the site teeter-totters between the positives and negatives of personalized news site. On the one hand it is taking web 2.0 to the next level, with semantic web and individual recommendations based on interests, and other hand it tosses Digg and Google Reader in an open blender. Plus, the article tagging system is too open for my taste because it could be used to spam articles.

But all that is about to change.

Today SocialMedian announced new features that are going to make the site more useful and enjoyable. One of the problems that was occurring was that it would send the same stories to your inbox in multiple news network categories. Now, they have fixed their email alerts so that there will no longer be any duplicates in the top 5 stories in your networks.

In addition, your “mypage” or personal profile can be edited and will now feature your clipped stories which act in the same way as sharing a post in Google Reader along with the additional note.

Users can also add a two-tabbed view for items in their news feed: one for “hot right now,” a list of each hot story from the different news networks they belong to, and one for the most recent stories. SocialMedian also has a new tag cloud feature for seeing lists of topics according to popularity.

Like most new websites in beta it has room for improvements, but overall I have hope in SocialMedian. It’s one of the few sites that is aimed at getting your news filtered down to a specific topic for an infinite number of topics. Unlike Google Reader which shows you what your contacts find interesting, SocialMedian is working on making it easy for anyone to find out what every person with any similar interests are reading at any time.

Check out all the news about the new iPhone on SocialMedian’s iPhone News Network and be one of 200 Mashable readers who get invites to the site by using the –quite fitting– invite code “iphone.”

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