June 13, 2008

Answer key: You don’t know tech

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Now that you know how you scored, you probably want to know why. Check out the answers below for the gory details. And be sure to return next week for another news quiz, ripped straight from the tech headlines.

Question 1: What is NOT a feature of the new iPhone?

10 points
c.A slimmer profile

The iPhone 2.0 is actually 0.7 millimeters thicker than the original, possibly due to the bigger battery needed to support 3G and GPS. It's also retailing for $199, or $200 less than the slower, non-GPS but slightly more svelte iPhone 1.0. Maybe you can be too rich and too thin.

Question 2: How old will Steve Ballmer be when he leaves Microsoft?

10 points
b. 62
One year younger than Steve Jobs

Speaking before the American Electronics Association in Washington, D.C., Ballmer said he'd probably continue at Microsoft "for another 9 or 10 years," making him roughly 62 when he departs (but still 13 months younger than Jobs). By then he'll be tossing wheelchairs around his office instead of desk chairs.

Question 3: What's the name of the world's fastest computer?

10 points
a. Roadrunner

Named for New Mexico's state bird (not the cartoon character), Roadrunner is capable of 1,000 trillion operations per second and will be used to maintain data on the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile. Bet you $10 Windows Vista still runs slow on it.

Question 4: It's a moon, it's a planet, it's ... what are they called again?

10 points
a. Plutoids

Scientists have been debating what to call these not-so-heavenly bodies since Eris was discovered in 2003, leading to Pluto's demotion from planet status. But not all scientists agree with the decision. "Plutoids or hemorrhoids, whatever they call it -- this is irrelevant," says former NASA scientist Alan Stern, clearly not a man to take such things sitting down.

Question 5: What did Rocket Man Sergey Brin pay to reserve an aisle seat on the Soyuz?

10 points
b. $5 million

Brin won't say whether he's actually planning to make the trip, nor will astro-tourism firm Space Adventures reveal how much it will ultimately charge for the flight. For the sake of comparison, game designer Richard Garriot will be shot into space next October for a cool $35 million. But that price does include a complementary headset and all the Tang he can drink.

Question 6: What five-word speech was not delivered at this year's Webbys?

10 points
d.Now just one more thing

No, Steve Jobs did not win a Webby, though we're sure he could get his hands on one if he wanted to. The Onion News Network (best writing) aims to make reading a thing of the past, Stephent Colbert (person of the year) is feeling just a bit ego-centric, and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation (technology video) is apparently pants-free. If we knew the Webbys were clothing optional, we'd have gotten tickets.

Question 7: Who isn't blocking kiddie porn ... yet?

10 point
b. Comcast

But maybe that's just because they've got their hands full blocking Bit Torrents. However, Sprint Nextel, Time Warner, and Verizon all vowed to banish child porn -- or at least make a good show of it for the AG.

Question 8: What politician has apparently been Googling these days?

10 points
a. John McCain, joking about looking for running mates

At least, we think he was joking. McCain made the comment at a $10,000-a-plate luncheon in Richmond, Va., whose attendees presumably have people to do their Googling for them. At least he didn't call it the InterWeb.

Question 9: What's the punishment for asinine teenage behavior on YouTube?

10 points
a. Make another YouTube video saying they were sorry

Thus extending their 15 minutes of fame by another 68 seconds [video]. They'll also have to perform 100 hours of community service, pay a $30 cleaning fee, and write a letter of apology to the unfortunate recipient. Maybe they should be forced to eat nothing but Taco Bell food for 30 days -- that might supersize their regret.

Question 10: What's iPhones divided by hacked congressmen times Metallica?

10 points
c. 18 million

Jobs says Apple moved 6 million iPhones in its first year, or just a tad short of his original prediction of 10 million. Virginia Representative Frank Wolf and New Jersey Congressman Christopher Smith both claimed Chinese hackers had targeted them because of their aggressive stands against China's human rights record. Increasingly senile rockers Metallica played six rough tracks for music bloggers, then went medieval after they published mostly favorable reviews of the music. So 6M / 2 * 6 = 18 million. Feeling jinxed by Friday the 13th? Try your luck next week on another curse-inducing quiz.

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