June 13, 2008

You don’t know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

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Wait, wait, don't tell me -- there was a new product launched this week, wasn't there? Some kind of cell phone? It'll come to me in a moment. ... To honor the second coming of the Jesus phone, we've strewn chunks of Apple throughout this week's quiz. Also inside: the world's fastest computer, the planet's shortest acceptance speeches, and what to get a gazillionaire who already has everything (answer: some space). Think you're in the know? Prove it by acing this week's quiz. As usual, correct answers are worth 10 points, and some of the questions are so easy you should be ashamed to miss them. Ready? Then let's rock.

1. It was perhaps the worst secret ever kept by one of the world's most secretive corporations, but the iPhone 2.0 is now finally public. Which of the following is NOT one of its spankin' new features?

a. Access to faster 3G networks
b. Built-in GPS
c. A slimmer profile
d. A cheaper price

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