June 24, 2008

TripIt Now Syncs Your Event Schedule with Travel Itinerary

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From mobile integration to automated updates, TripIt has been among the most intuitive trip-planning sites for individuals and business travelers. Because of its ability to sync and organize data across multiple services, like airlines and restaurants, for the purpose of providing you multiple ways to access your travel itinerary, TripIt is quite useful before and during the trip.

TripIt already had automatic itinerary support for OpenTable restaurants and a host of airline and hotel companies, and it’s recently added a host of ticketing websites to its supported services. Tickets.com, TicketMaster, StubHub, Broadway.com, Vegas.com, Fandango, Eventful and Eventbrite are just a few of the sites that are now included for auto-addition into TripIt itineraries. If you use one of these supported services to obtain tickets for an event, you can forward your confirmation email to [email protected] in order to have the emails automatically added to your travel plan.

Tripit Process

It’s a very handy way to keep everything pertaining to your trip in one central location. And with TripIt’s mobile optimization, which includes SMS capabilities, you have access to your itinerary while you’re on the go. This simplifies a great deal of mental organization necessary on your part, and even saves a few trees, knowing you don’t need to print and carry all of your confirmations around with you. Happy travels!

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