30+ Plugins to Make Your WordPress Blog More Social

wordpressWordPress blogs are getting increasingly social, giving readers the ability to bookmark your site to a number of services, get to know you better in more ways than just your comments section (and vice versa), and view your activity on a variety of social sites. We’ve compiled a list of more than 30 plugins that will let you make your WordPress blog more social.

This collection of plugins just begins to scratch the surface of what’s available out there. As with all WordPress plugin lists, we highly suggest you do not install all of these because not only would it be redundant, it would also slow down the response times of your site.

Dedicated Site Plugins

Digg Digg - Will let you quickly add the Digg button to your posts with commands for left or right float, before and after content and a few other tweaks.

Digg This - This particular Digg plugin only adds the Digg button if it detects that your post has been submitted to the popular site, saving you the embarrassment of a lot of Digg badges showing “0″.

DiggZ-Et - Allows you to automatically insert Digg buttons into the pages and posts of your choice. Also lets you choose where the button will show up in the post, amongst other options.

Dugg Widget - Will place a widget in your sidebar that displays the last 10 posts from your blog that have made it on Digg.

FriendFeed Activity Widget - Share your FriendFeed activity with readers on your blog.

FriendFeed Comments WordPress Plugin - This plugin is used by Mashable and displays the number of times an articles has been marked as “Favorite” and will display the actual comments from the FriendFeed discussion on your site.

Stumble Reviews - Allows you to add the reviews that appear on StumbleUpon for a given page to be displayed on that page.

Twitter Updater - Send a Tweet to your Twitter account anytime you publish a new post to your blog, will automatically shrink it down via TinyURL.

WordPress Twitter Widget - Displays your Twitter feed in your sidebar and can turn “@username” and other info into links, while also displaying user avatars.

WP-Profilactic - Allows you to build a page around your Profilactic lifestreaming account so your blog readers can follow all of your links to nearly 200 possible social accounts.

Multi-site Plugins

Bookmark Me - Supports bookmarking to many international sites including German, Dutch, Lithuanian and more.

Bookmarkify - Adds support for over 50 social networking and bookmarking sites via squared off icons at the bottom of your posts.

I Love Social Bookmarking - Could there be a more appropriately named plugin for social bookmarking? As opposed to most of the other multi-submission plugins, this one puts the services into a drop down menu to save on load time.

iBegin Share - While it adds the usual bookmarking icons and ability to email a story, it also adds the ability to save the page as a PDF or Word DOC file.

obsocialbookmarker - Allows you to add the submission links for multiple social sites such as Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and more.

pingPressFM - Will communicate with ping.fm to update the social networks that it works with.

ShareThis - Easily adds the well-known green ShareThis icon to your blog, allowing people to quickly submit your articles to the most popular social sites or just email them to their friends.

Sociable - This plugin allows you to add a dizzying number of social submission icons to the bottom of your blog posts. If you activated all of them, your blog posts would certainly be colorful!

Social Bookmarking RELOADED - Adds numerous social bookmarking icons to your posts and/or pages, available in English or Italian.

Social Bookmarks - Gives you 50 social bookmarking submission icons to choose from including all of the major bookmarking services and several smaller ones.

Social Dropdown - Allows you to add a dropdown menu for numerous social bookmarking and voting sites such as Digg, Facebook, Google Bookmarks and more.

SociBook - Adds over 60 social bookmarking sites to your site by simply clicking on the name of each you want.

SocioFluid - While it does what many other plugins do by adding social bookmarking icons to the bottom of your posts, it keeps them small until the user passes their mouse over the icon and then enlarges. Is definitely one of the more visually interesting solutions out there.

WP PunchCard - Puts 40 social bookmarking sites into as small an area as possible to conserve space in your posts. Supports the usual major sites and others such as Yahoo My Web, Squidoo and more.

Social Networking Plugins

ComplexLife - Allows you to set up a page on your WordPress blog to track a large number of social services. Will also will track comments left on other blogs and forums.

Follow Me - Adds a sidebar hub for your social networking profiles such as Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Mixx and more.

LifeStream - Brings your activities on social networks such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter on to your blog and keeps a complete history as opposed to just a few weeks.

Meet Your Commenters - Takes the information your commenters leave and shows you their social networking profiles in your dashboard so you can add them and get to know them more.

Retaggr - Make a virtual business card for yourself that includes links to your most important social network profiles and include more information about yourself.

SezWho - Creates a social network out of your comments section by giving users a profile that follows them anywhere, also adds the ability to rate entries.

SocialBoaster - Turns your Digg, Twitter and Delicious activities into a blog post that will be shared on your blog.

Social Homes - Adds favicons to your sidebar for your various social networks so that your readers can easily find you on those social networks.

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