Ikea Wants You To Watch Nils Live Until September

ikeaIkea launched a new online interactive advertising campaign in Germany this week. The campaign is called "Warte bis September" ("Wait until September”). The man in the video is Nils and his home has no furniture or accessories because the new Ikea catalog has not arrived yet. Let's hope the catalog arrives soon!

It's similar to the Big Brother series; you can watch two different camera angles on his apartment. The phone rings ALL DAY and he rarely answers. From what I can tell, he has friends come over to eat and chat (in German). His doorbell is the one jingle I absolutely hate!

If you want to interact with Nils, you have three options:

  • Twitter him (this seems to be the most likely way he will see your message)
  • Call him - +49 40 22 61 11 61 (use a voip provider so the call is cheap)

Here's the video or go to the site to watch it fullscreen:

Earlier this year, Ikea was named one of the top 10 corporate brands using YouTube.

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