Sponsored Post: PartnerUp’s Weekly Opportunities

Below you’ll find this week’s PartnerUp Opportunities of the week.

PartnerUp, a Deluxe Company, is an online community for entrepreneurs and startups that helps them find people for their businesses, such as co-founders, business partners, advisors, board members, and skilled technical people. In addition, PartnerUp helps entrepreneurs ask for and offer up advice, find commercial real estate, and find resources for their businesses.

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Co-Founder/Business Partner

Co-Founder, OpenScript
Partner, EnviRelation LLC
Partner, Water Purification
Business Partner, Advanced IT Solutions
Partner, Innovative Technologies Inc.

Board Members/Advisors/Mentors

Advisor, Revolution Energy
Chief Advisor, InformStudent
Advisor/Mentor, SimplePath Inc.
Board of Directors, Aim-High Enterprises Inc.
Advisor, iWorkPlay Inc.


Web Developer, Blueprint Technology Inc.
Lead Web Interface Developer, GuildCafe
Lead Programmer, Green Diamond
Designer, Brightegg
Developer, CareConnect

Sales/Marketing/Business Development

VP Sales, Data Ark Systems
Business Development, XMG Web Designs
VP of Sales, Arcadia Fire Systems
Sales, GSY Labs
SVP Online Advertising and Sales, MetaNetwork Media Inc.

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