Your wallet can stop screaming at you now, Verizon discounting data devices

If you aren’t planning to catch the Hogwarts Express when it leaves on September 1, you might want to use the time you’ll save packing between now and then to run over to a Verizon store. It seems as if they’ll be discounting select data devices through the end of this month. Prices of discounted devices are as follows:

  • LG enV2 - $79.99 (reduced from $99.99)
  • LG Voyager - $99.99 (reduced from $149.99)
  • Blackberry Curve 8330 - $99.99 (reduced from $149.99)
  • Blackberry 8830 World Edition - $149.99 (reduced from $199.99)

Looks like a great week to replace that RAZR you just dropped in the sand with something a little more 2008 (or 2007, as the case may be).

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