Crunchbase SMS Interface

Fred, for the Crunchbase link via SMS, text "cbsms tumblr" OR "cbsms fred wilson" to 41411.  The SMS bot will send you a link to the most relevant page on Crunchbase for any search term that follows "cbsms" (Crunchbase SMS)... companies, people, financial institutions, whatever. 

Russell, very cool!  I'm not a developer, but it took just a few minutes to figure this out on Textmarks.  What a great tool.

Originally posted as a comment by Joe Lazarus on A VC using Disqus.

There were a bunch of comments to that post with suggestions on how to get an SMS interface to Crunchbase but Russ suggested textmarks and did a halfway solution and Joe picked it up and finished the job. This community even does open source projects! Thanks everyone for solving this one for me.

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