SlideBoom Streamlines PowerPoint Sharing (The Startup Review)

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Company Name: SlideBoom

20-word Description: SlideBoom is a free service for sharing PowerPoint presentations that include animations, transitions, audio, video and Flash.

CEO’s Pitch: SlideBoom offers unique technology for PowerPoint presentations sharing on the Web. Almost all advanced features of PowerPoint are supported and your presentation at SlideBoom will look exactly the same as in your PowerPoint. No worries about fonts, sounds or animations! The second big plus of SlideBoom is a free PowerPoint add-in that allows you to upload presentations with audio, video and Flash to SlideBoom quickly and easily right from your PowerPoint.

If you are going to a meeting or a conference, you can leave your laptop and present your slides directly from SlideBoom and enjoy an ability to view slides full screen with excellent quality that SlideBoom offers to you.

Mashable’s Take: There are lots of ways to create and share slideshow presentations online. Google Docs is half decent for simple stuff. Zoho Show is another. In the last year we’ve brought together a list or two naming north of two dozen more for your consideration. And you might say SlideBoom is but one addition to the mix. Still, it’s worth a look.

Easy to use and PowerPoint ‘07-savvy, as it so describes in the pitch posted above, SlideBoom supports virtually everything one might need from such a service. For starters, PowerPoint devotees will like its implementation of the iSpring add-in, enabling direct uploads from within Microsoft’s own user environment. And pretty much anything created within PowerPoint translates to a SlideBoom page.

If you find the need to add anything extra to a presentation, SlideBoom allows for graphic annotations. These can help direct viewers more easily through the process. Whether you’re simply running your draft by co-workers or clients before heading out on stage, or doing the official roundabout, SlideBoom promises an elementary control panel to get you from A to B to Z without wasting time.

Again, SlideBoom is free, so there’s really nothing to lose. We’d certainly advise hedging safely and keeping a backup option on-hand in case of a disruption in Web access or whathaveyou, but it is otherwise a very palatable option to keep in your arsenal of utilities.

Just to note, the iSpring connection - a piece of software that comes in four flavors, including Free, Pro, Ultra, and SDK - appears downloadable only to Windows users. The release version 3.5.1 was introduced roughly one month ago.

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