SearchCap: The Day In Search, September 4, 2008

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Cleaning Up the Retail Site Navigating Mess
    In recent years, many retailers have implemented powerful attribute-based (a.k.a. faceted) navigation systems that make it easier for customers to filter, sort, navigate, and buy from a retailer's inventory. Most of Netconcepts' clientele who have implemented these technologies report good results, increased conversion and sales. From the natural search...
  • Search Engine Land's Chrome Usage 10.10%: Share Yours
    Michael Arrington noticed that Google Analytics is now showing "Chrome" as a browser in the reports. TechCrunch's Chrome usage for yesterday was 6.23%, our's was 10.10%. What is yours?...
  • Video Search Engine RedLasso Runs Afoul Of The Law
    In early Internet days, circa 1996, I had a memorable phone conversation with a webmaster who had put up a site that violated our client's trademark. The webmaster told me, gently, as if speaking the obvious to a child, that "You don't understand man. You're talkin' about law. This...
  • How Much Are SMBs Spending On Online Advertising?
    At Palore, we examine SMBs' online advertising behavior, collecting information on the online presence of small businesses, ad spend data, advertising packages, etc. We recently completed a advertising-related survey of small businesses in the Boston metropolitan area that includes over 20 local, vertical and IYP sites. We looked at...
  • More On adCenter UK Promotion & Free Search Ads
    Yesterday I reported based on a MarketingWeek Online story that Microsoft was running a promotion to give away a free month of search ads. Microsoft told me the story was wrong and promised to send me more information. I now have that information, so let me share with you the...
  • Google AdWords Adds New Geographic Report
    The Google AdWords blog announced the addition of a new report in the reporting center, named the geographic performance report. The report will detail approximate Country, Region, Metro, and City data and give you data on a account, campaign, and ad group level. The performance statistics available on these geographic...
  • Search Month: August 2008 Search News, In Review
    Search Month is a monthly newsletter that recaps stories covered on Search Engine Land over the past month. It's also available by feed here. Below, news about Search Engine Land itself, then our 10 most popular stories from August 2008, then a major story for various search topics along with...
  • August 2008: Search Engine Land's Most Popular Stories
    Below are Search Engine Land's 10 most popular stories from August 2008:...

Search News From Around The Web:

Applications & Portal Features

  • Office 2.0: 10 new things you can do in the (Google) cloud, VentureBeat
  • Update to Google Chrome's terms of service, Official Google Blog

Business Issues

  • Google Apps tops 1 million businesses,
  • Microsoft and Others To Take Stake in Japanese Broadcaster NHK; Streaming Online As Well,
  • Who Will Buy, SEO Book
  • Yahoo Stock Falls Off The Cliff. When Will Jerry Give Up?, TechCrunch

Local, Maps & Mobile

  • Additional information for Hurricane Gustav response, Google LatLong
  • New data for Georgia, Google LatLong
  • Studying Climate Change in Alaska, Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog
  • Google Street View steers clear of Obama's neighborhood, Valleywag
  • We gotta start makin' changes, Google LatLong

Link Building

  • Internal Link Building v. 2,
  • Viral Link Building: Size Doesn't Always Matter, Search Engine Watch
  • The Dilemma Over Deep Linking,

Paid Search & Contextual

  • Don't get held up by expired check holds, Inside AdSense
  • Five Questions About Keywords, Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog
  • Google AdWords Quality Score Factors Chart Updated, bg Theory, LLC
  • Match Type Strategies, Closed Loop Marketing Blog
  • Optimizing a Pre-Existing Adwords Campaign, Shimon Sandler
  • Are Your Google AdWords Getting Nuked?, ShoeMoney
  • No Longer Shy About Google Ads, Search Engine Roundtable
  • New ways to look at Search & Content Network statistics, Inside AdWords
  • Q&A: Does the content network follow location targeting rules?,


  • Let your voice be heard, Live Search
  • Building with BOSS -- New Products to Share, Yahoo Search Blog
  • needs to improve its synonyms, David Naylor
  • for free patent searches on the web,
  • Search Engine ubExact announces beta launch,

SEM Industry

  • Microsoft's Ziya Genceren Talks About Local Search With Eric Enge, Stone Temple
  • Paige Filler: Search Blogger of the Day, The SEO Scoop
  • Come To The SEO ThinkTank 2008 ON ME!, ShoeMoney


  • Destination URLs, Tracking Parameters and 301 Redirects, PPC Hero
  • New Guide Release: The Professional's Guide to PageRank Optimzation, SEOmoz
  • Google Chrome user agent, Matt Cutts
  • (Google) Insights on VP Candidate Sarah Palin, Search Engine Watch
  • Could Google Chrome Change the SEO Field?, SEO Book
  • Does Chrome Signal The Removal of Google's PageRank Indicator?, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Domain Authority & Misplaced Trust, SEO Book
  • How Do You Do SEO for a Site that is Under Construction?, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Search Engine Rank Checking Tools, Such as WebPosition Gold, Are Back in Business, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Search Marketers Respond to Twitter's Removal of Bio Links in Profile Pages, Search Engine Roundtable
  • SEO and Web Accessibility Come Hand in Hand, Search Engine Journal
  • Tagatum: Keyword Research by Analyzing Blog Associations, Search Engine Journal
  • Webmasters Report September 2008 Google SERP Changes, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Four Good Reasons to Use the Alt Attribute, Search Engine Guide
  • Google Product Search now accepting alternative feed formats, Google Base Blog

Social Media

  • CNBC-LinkedIn Link Up On Content, Networking,
  • Gaming Social Network Raptr Opens Its Doors, Alley Insider
  • Survey: College students love Wikipedia,

Video, Music & Image Search

  • Add Photos by Email in Picasa Web Albums, Google Operating System
  • Amazon Adds Streaming for Both PCs and Macs, NewTeeVee
  • Republican/Democratic National Conventions offered by iTunes, Ars Technica
  • Retouch and restore your photos, Google Photos Blog

Other Items

  • Googlers celebrate company's 10th birthday in Greece, Valleywag

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  • Twitter hurts users not abusers

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