NetSuite boasts of Google Chrome support

Google Chrome will to work with NetSuite's online accounting and customer-relations software, the company said Friday.

Elements of the company's online tools, including editing text and as drag-and-drop operations, benefit benefit from Chrome's fast JavaScript, NetSuite said. However, Google's assertions of compatibility with Apple Safari notwithstanding, NetSuite said it will gradually extend support to its customers, finishing by mid-October.

The company boasted it's the first online business application to support Chrome, just as it was the first with native support for the iPhone's version of Safari and the new Firefox 3.0.

But that sort of support seems more like a reasonably clever attempt to capitalize on the Chrome buzz than anything customers truly are clamoring for.

After all, NetSuite is geared businesses that typically are the kinds of conservative and technologically unadventurous customers who aren't first in line to try the latest beta version of a Web browser. One of the reasons Microsoft won't frog-march us all to Internet Explorer 7, much less IE 8, is that many businesses have set up operations using IE 6, even though it was introduced in 2001.

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