Windows Gurus Set to Invade an Electronics Retailer Near You

We have to wonder if the culmination of Microsoft’s $300 marketing endeavor will be a battle royale on Monday Night Raw or Pay Per View. Windows Gurus vs. Mac Geniuses in a cage match to the death. Not only would we totally be willing to buy that event on PPV, we guarantee that everyone on the BGR team will pick up a shiny new Vista PC if the Windows Gurus get out alive. Let’s get it on! In the meantime, the Gurus have a slightly different task at hand that likely requires a bit less training and a bit more sweating. According to Reuters, Microsoft will be setting up camp in hundreds of Best Buy and Circuit City locations around the country. Their mission: Educate the masses and show potential customers the many benefits of Vista. Brilliant! Think about how economical this plan is compared to Apple’s scheme. Apple has to plant dedicated Geniuses in each and every Apple store it runs. Microsoft on the other hand, can double its return by having each Guru team run back and forth across the highway to cover Best Buy and Circuit City in one fell swoop. Who’s the genius now, Stevo?


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