Reggie and Miyamoto: Wii Storage Solution Coming, More Betterer Than a Hard Drive [Wii]

The storage situation on the Wii is sorta abysmal, especially if you're an avid Virtual Console or WiiWare fan and have lots of games. Don't worry, Nintendo knows it. According to a translated interview with Latin American pub Club Nintendo, Reggie and Miyamoto say that you can expect an announcement about storage goodness in the future, since they're working on a number of technologies, but it won't be a hard drive.

Nope, Reggie says it's even better than a hard drive. Could it be online storage? (That's the only thing we can think of besides a hard drive, since online storage is actually super cheap nowadays.) Whatever it is, if it involves hardware, expect it to be one of the few Wii peripherals Nintendo makes, since Miyamoto says they have enough already. Amen to that. [Go Nintendo via CVG via Kotaku]

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