SearchCap: The Day In Search, September 8, 2008

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Live Webcast Tomorrow: Chris Sherman on How Large Offline Marketers Drive Superior Search Marketing Results
    Tomorrow over at Search Marketing Now, Chris Sherman will be doing a live webcast on "How Large Offline Marketers Drive Superior Search Marketing Results," at 1 PM Eastern. With studies showing that nearly two thirds of searchers do so because of exposure to offline marketing - and nearly 40% of...
  • Google Launches Newspaper Digitization Project
    Google, in partnership with a number of North American newspapers, ProQuest and Heritage, has begun digitizing printed newspapers, making them both searchable and browsable exactly as they appeared in print, including photographs, headlines, articles and advertisements. From the official Google blog:...
  • Pain Reliever Pages
    I've been thinking a lot about landing pages lately. Last time, I talked about getting multivariate landing page testing straight. Today, I'll look at a specialized offer technique that employs what I'll call a Pain Reliever Page (PRP). A PRP is problem-based (or pain-specific). It addresses a specific consumer...
  • Can Newspapers Be Saved? Part 2: Potential Solutions
    In my last post, I discussed the state of the union for newspapers. As we all know, newspapers have struggled to move their businesses and revenue online, and they have struggled to do it in a way that does not cause massive disruption. This has been discussed and agonized...
  • By Sea & Sky: Google Floating Data Centers & New "Spy" Satellite
    Google has moved off land, into the sea and the sky (space) to further some of its earthly objectives. On Saturday the GeoEye-1 satellite launched into space. The noteworthy thing about this satellite is that it has the highest resolution of any orbiter taking pictures of Earth....
  • Global Is The New Local For International Marketers
    At we have the privilege of collaborating with international brand marketers, each with a unique set of challenges in communicating their messages across dozens of languages and cultures. One client is a global property manager with operations in sixty countries. Another is a leading global insurance provider with...
  • National Advertiser Trade Group Recommends Against Google-Yahoo Search Deal
    The Association of National Advertisers, a high profile trade group that represents "400 companies with 9,000 brands," has sent a letter to Assistant US Attorney General Thomas Barnett in which the group objects to the pending Google-Yahoo search advertising deal....
  • Happy 10th Birthday Google, Whenever You Celebrate
    A number of stories about Google's 10th birthday have appeared, as rounded-up below. However, the company itself isn't yet celebrating, as its official birthday has tended to happen on Sept. 27 these days. Make sure to read Google Is 10 Years Old? Finding The Real Google Birthday for more about...
  • Yahoo Search September 2008 Index Update
    Expect the Yahoo Search Blog to make a blog post announcing a weather report sometime today or tomorrow. As I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable a couple hours ago, there are reports of Yahoo Search updating the index and search results. This is a typical sign of a "weather...
  • Googler For A Day Competition 2008
    Google has launched the Googler for a Day competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage teenagers to "explore the world of Computer Science." The finalists will be invited for a day at Google's European Engineering Centre in Zurich. Four Swiss classes will be selected to participate in the...
  • Live Search Local Listings Center Adds Features
    Chris Pendleton posted details about new improvements made to the Live Search Local Listings Center. The Local Listing Center is the place to go to add your business to Live Search Maps. Here are the changes and additions made to the local listing center:...
  • Rate For SMX East Increases Tuesday
    The Early Bird Rate for Search Marketing Expo - SMX East ends at the close of business Monday, September 8. You save $200 on your All Access ticket by registering now! SMX East will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center October 6-8. Want more information? Check out...

Search News From Around The Web:

Applications & Portal Features

  • New Gmail code base now for IE6 too, Official Gmail Blog
  • The Troubles with Google FeedBurner, Google Operating System
  • Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility, The Register
  • Yahoo! News - Try their New Design, Digital Inspiration
  • Google Chrome Receives Heavy Criticism in Germany, Google Blogoscoped
  • The Web IS an OS. Get Over It. - John Battelle's Searchblog, John Battelle's Searchblog
  • Yahoo! May Put Blog Links on Every News Page, Read/Write Web

Business Issues

  • Google forms OpenSocial Foundation to woo friends,
  • Rising U.S. dollar will hurt Internet-based Google, Yahoo,Expedia: report, Financial Post
  • Baidu CFO Jennifer Li,
  • Advertiser group objects to Google-Yahoo tie up, Yahoo! News
  • Here's What Google Wants in an Ad Shop, Ad Age
  • Hold or Fold 'Em? Odds for New Microsoft Ad Chief, Ad Age
  • Making terms of service clearer, Official Google Blog

Local, Maps & Mobile

  • Google Earth Imagery Update - September 5, 2008, Google Earth Blog
  • Google Voice Search Enters Delhi; Find Local Information using any Phone, Digital Inspiration
  • Stream Video and Location Together with GPS-Enabled Mobile Video, Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog
  • Yahoo! To Be a Default Mobile Search Engine for AT,
  • Microsoft Missing the Boat on Mobile?, O'Reilly Radar
  • Google Maps Forgets to Blur Out License Plate, Hysteria Ensues, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Virtual Earth 6.0 Auto-Upgrade Date Now Locked - September 10, 2008, Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog
  • Yahoo's Frazier Miller and Shailesh Bhat Talk About Local Search, Stone Temple
  • First 11 Chapters of "Precious Cargo" Featuring Virtual Earth, Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog
  • Nordstrom, Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog
  • Real-estate site expands ad deal with newspapers, Yahoo! News
  • Where in the world is..., Google LatLong

Link Building

  • Seeing nofollow links in Google Chrome,
  • Majestic Seo: Most Advanced Backlink Analysis Tool, Search Engine Journal

Paid Search & Contextual

  • Map it out, AdWords Agency Blog
  • Consumer Reactions to Different Ad Types, Screenwerk
  • Bid Management Has a Long Way to Go, Stone Temple
  • Chasing the perfect layout with AdSense for search, Inside AdSense
  • Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word, Search Engine Watch
  • My New Favorite Keyword Research Tool: MSN adCenter Ad Intelligence, PPC Hero
  • PPC Bidding: Requirement #4: Ad level bidding, Rimm Kaufman
  • Top 10 Resources to Pass the Google AdWords Exam in a Week, SEOptimise


  • Uh Oh, Made Google Drop an 'O', SEOmoz
  • SlideShare Presents: SearchMonkey, Yahoo Search Blog
  • Is Search Really 90% Solved?, TechCrunch
  • Want Cheap Beer? Search Right Here,

SEM Industry

  • Dreaming About Matt Cutts of Google, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Interactive Marketing Interview with Rebecca Lieb, Online Marketing Blog
  • Re-Building My Firefox Sidebar (and Ranking the SEO Blogs), SEOmoz
  • SearchCamp Philly Day 2,


  • Think Tank, SEO for Opera, & Sustainable Online Business Models, SEO Book
  • Workin' it on all browsers, Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
  • Google Still Loves Yahoo Answers, Small Business SEM
  • SEO For Regional Domains, SEO Book
  • Barack Obama Google Link Bomb, New Facebook URL Glitches or ????, David Dalka
  • Do Search Engine Rankings Still Matter?,
  • How Serious Are Duplicate Meta Tag Issues?, Search Engine Roundtable
  • Want top search results? Tread carefully,

Social Media

  • Discussion in Facebook Groups and Pages is Public and Searchable, Inside Facebook
  • The Digg Users Are Revolting, BlogStorm

Video, Music & Image Search

  • Google Taking Down Private Videos For Copyright Infringement?, TechDirt

Other Items

  • Is it hot in here?, Yodel Anecdotal
  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: September 7, 2008, Search Engine Roundtable

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