TC50: SuggestionBox - Community Feedback Management (video)

suggestionboxSuggestionBox is one of the sponsors of the Techcrunch50 event. SuggestionBox is like GetSatisfaction but for customer feedback and suggestion acceptance. Companies can use SuggestionBox to capture customer feedback and manage the feedback. The system allows other customers to view, rate and comment on the feedback. In my past consumer products life, this would have been a product I would have signed.

They are powering the feedback service for the presenting startups at Techcrunch50. There should be a link to each company's SuggestionBox page on the Techcrunch50 product pages. This might help the startups to capture more feedback.

SuggestionBox needs a widget that can be embedded on any site. This would help to provide companies with even more feedback. While SuggestionBox isn't a sexy startup, it's one of the most useful startups I've seen in a long time. If they go after large corporate clients, they could do very, very well. Here's SuggestionBox founder Jeff Whitton with a demo:

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