Flixwagon Offers White Label Mobile Video Broadcasting

FlixwagonLast week in California, one of the most popular discussions I engaged in was comparing mobile video broadcasting services Flixwagon and Qik. In my opinion, Qik appears to be going for the consumer market while Flixwagon is going after media and entertainment.

Today Flixwagon is announcing a white label service for mobile carriers and media organizations to allow both groups to use the Flixwagon mobile broadcasting service under their own branding. Flixwagon notes that by allowing customers of mobile carriers to use their service, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty will result. On the media organization side, the Flixwagon service could power live video for media outlets across the world. This could be very powerful for Flixwagon as more news outlets move to a "you report" method of news gathering.

It would be interesting to see the results of a partnership between Flixwagon and a social networking service -- KickApps or Magnify.net. Check out all of our Flixwagon coverage including why we included the mobile service in our "3 apps that will change 2008".

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