What is the most important thing in an Indian's life?

What is the most important thing in an Indian's life?

Jul, 31 2023 Arvind Chatterjee

The Vigorous Strands of Faith

Oh, what a whirlwind of ideas and emotions come to mind when someone asks, "What is the most important thing in an Indian's life?" Now, this question isn't as simple as it seems, sneaky as my cat Rani when she’s after the red dot. You see, India is not just a geographical entity, it's a beautiful kaleidoscope of diverse cultures, traditions, and thoughts cohabitating together and creating a uniquely captivating flavour of harmony. Yet, if one were to look closely, a thread transcending these disparities becomes visible - faith.

India is often referred to as a land of faith and spirituality, the birthplace of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. This faith resounds in the vibrant gongs of temples, the resonating chants of azaan, the soothing hymns in churches, and echoes in the peaceful silence of monasteries. It's not just an aspect of an Indian's life, it's the life in itself. Faith, in numerous forms, is deeply entwined in the cultural and social fabric of an Indian's life, guiding their lifestyle, celebrations, rituals, even their cuisine, you know, the same way Rani guides me through my home, threading in and out of rooms, leading me into a new surprise every moment.

The Cozy Kinship Corner

Another essential element in an Indian's life, one that is as important as my morning masala tea, is the love for their family. Indians are known for their strong familial ties and their respect for kinship, quite alike the protective and loving instincts of my queen, Rani, for her precious kittens. Family is not just about blood relations, it extends to include the larger community and neighborhood.

From significant decisions like marriage and career choices, to simple everyday matters like dinner menu or TV channels, everything is a collaborative family event. Despite the modern year of 2023 and increasing influence of the western culture, the importance of family remains intact. The sense of warm community and unconditional love, outweighs the occasional bickering and disagreements quite like the comfort of Rani's purrs outweigh the regular cat hair on my favorite sofa.

Bollywood – The Pan India Passion

Bollywood is to India, what Rani is in my life – indispensable, entertaining, and sometimes just melodramatically amusing. A land where every other youngster dreams of being the next Bollywood superstar, it is an undeniable fact that Bollywood occupies a premier place in an Indian's life. From the melodious tunes of Bappi Lahiri to the peppy number of Badshah, from the charming days of Raj Kapoor to the magnanimous presence of Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood and its glamour has permeated every corner of India.

Even the most remote villages have not been spared by the Bollywood influence, just as no corner of my home is untouched by Rani, her little paw prints can be found everywhere. Movies are not just a source of entertainment, they are a reflection of societal norms, a voice against the prevailing taboos, and a means to revamp the existing ideologies. They help us dream beyond our current horizons, they make us laugh, cry and sometimes even groan with annoyance. But hey, isn't that the charm of Bollywood?

The Aesthetic Indian Artistry

Imagine if my words could dance, assuming shapes and forms beyond ordinary comprehension, painting pictures much like Rani's balletic swoops and leaps during playtime. This image might give you a minor glimpse into the world of Indian artistry. Living in a country brimming with traditional art forms is much like residing in a lively, ever-evolving art exhibit. Be it the resplendent strokes of Madhubani, the intricate threads of Phulkari, the delicate steps of Kathak, or the profound words of Urdu Shayari, each an epitome of beauty, grace, and complexity.

In India, art is not a mere pastime, it is a form of expression, a way of life, and a medium to connect with the divine. Across generations and regions, the baton of these art forms has been passed, retaining their elegance and charm in an evolving world. The ever-evolving art of India provides an escape to individuals in a chaotic world, just as Rani's endearing antics offer a refuge to me from my routine blues, reminding me that the most ordinary things often hold extraordinary magic.

In the end, to extract just one answer on what is the most important thing in an Indian's life would be a disservice to the splendid diversity of this land. The perspectives are diverse, just as the people. But on distilling the essence, it all boils down to faith, family, Bollywood, and art. Just like the many moods of my lovely Rani, every layer significant in its own endearing way.